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What’s The Batman Fear State Reading Order?

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Are you excited to jump into the latest Batman comic book event but worried about reading the issues in the right order? We’ve got you covered.

As a Batman enthusiast, in this post I’ll guide you through the correct reading order for the Batman Fear State event.

The Batman Fear State right reading order is:

  1. Batman: Fear State Alpha
  2. Batman #112-117
  3. Batman: Fear State Omega
  4. Catwoman #35-39
  5. Harley Quinn #8-10
  6. Nightwing #84-89
  7. Batman Secret Files

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the reading order, I’ll give you an insight into the plot, characters, and creative teams behind each issue, ensuring you don’t miss a single detail of this thrilling storyline. So, get ready to discover the complex world of Gotham City.

Batman Fear State Trade Reading Order

Here is a trade reading order for Batman Fear State:

  1. Batman: Fear State Alpha – This one-shot issue serves as the prologue to the Fear State event and sets up the conflict between Scarecrow and the Magistrate.
  2. Batman #112-117 – These issues make up the core of the Fear State storyline and follow Batman and his allies as they try to stop Scarecrow and the Magistrate from taking over Gotham City.
  3. Batman: Fear State Omega – This one-shot issue serves as the conclusion to the Fear State event and wraps up the various plot threads that have been running throughout the storyline.
  4. Catwoman #35-39 – These issues tie into Fear State and follow Catwoman as she navigates the chaotic landscape of Gotham City.
  5. Harley Quinn #8-10 – These issues tie into Fear State and follow Harley Quinn as she tries to save her friend Kevin from the clutches of the Magistrate.
  6. Nightwing #84-89 – These issues tie into Fear State and follow Nightwing as he tries to protect the citizens of Gotham City from the chaos that has erupted in the wake of Scarecrow’s attack.
  7. Batman Secret Files: Clown Hunter #1 – This one-shot issue focuses on the character of Clown Hunter and his role in the events of Fear State.

What to read before Batman Fear State?

If you’re looking to read the storyline leading up to Batman Fear State, here are some recommended titles:

  1. Batman: The Joker War – This storyline sets up some of the key players and themes that will be explored in Fear State. It features Batman and his allies facing off against the Joker and his new partner, Punchline.
  2. Batman/Catwoman – This ongoing series by Tom King and Clay Mann explores the complicated relationship between Batman and Catwoman. It’s not directly tied to Fear State, but it’s worth reading if you want to get a sense of the current state of Gotham and its inhabitants.
  3. Batman: Urban Legends – This anthology series features several stories set in the Batman universe, including one that focuses on the character of Tim Drake (aka Red Robin). Tim’s storyline is expected to tie into Fear State.
  4. Detective Comics – This ongoing series has been exploring the aftermath of the Joker War and setting up some of the events that will take place in Fear State. It features a team of heroes led by Batman, including Batwoman, Spoiler, and the new character Miracle Molly.

Is I Am Batman part of Fear State?

Yes, “I Am Batman” is part of the Fear State event in DC Comics. In this series, the new Batman, Jace Fox, must navigate the chaos and fear spread by the villain Scarecrow during his takeover of Gotham City.

With stunning artwork and a thrilling storyline, “I Am Batman” is a must-read for fans of the Dark Knight and the ongoing Fear State event.

Who is the villain in Fear State?

The villain in Fear State is none other than Simon Saint, a wealthy tech mogul with a dark and sinister plan to use fear to control Gotham City.

With the help of the villainous Scarecrow, Saint unleashes a wave of terror across the city, leaving Batman and his allies struggling to stop him before it’s too late. 

Do I have to read the Fear State tie-ins?

If you’re a die-hard Batman fan or just love reading comics, you might be wondering if you need to read the Fear State tie-ins.

While some tie-ins can feel like filler, the Fear State event is an essential part of the current Batman story arc.

If you want to fully understand the events leading up to Fear State and how it impacts the larger DC universe, it’s highly recommended to read the tie-ins.

With some great writing and stunning artwork, the tie-ins add depth to the story and offer a richer reading experience overall.

So, whether you’re a casual reader or a hardcore fan, we highly recommend checking out the Fear State tie-ins.

Which story was better, City of Bane or Fear State (Batman events)?

Choosing between “City of Bane” and “Fear State” is like choosing between Batman’s cape and cowl – both are iconic and essential parts of the Dark Knight’s story.

“City of Bane” was a dark and dramatic storyline that saw Batman brought to his knees by Bane and his allies, while “Fear State” is a tense and thrilling tale that explores the terrifying power of fear in Gotham City.

Both are incredible events that showcase the best of Batman’s world and are sure to leave readers on the edge of their seats. So, the answer is simple – read them both and decide for yourself which one reigns supreme!

What comes after Fear State?

After Fear State, the next major event is called “Trial of the Amazons.” This event will focus on the Amazonian warriors and their leader, Queen Hippolyta, as they face a crisis that threatens their entire way of life.

Expect epic battles, unexpected alliances, and high-stakes drama as the Amazons fight for their survival in this exciting new storyline.

Don’t miss out on the next chapter in the DC Universe – the “Trial of the Amazons” is sure to be an event to remember!

Is Fear State before Future State?

No, Fear State is not before Future State. Fear State is a recent DC Comics event that took place in 2021, while Future State was a separate event that occurred in early 2021.

Although they both took place in the same year, they are distinct and separate events with their own storylines and characters.

So, if you’re wondering which event to read first, you can start with either one without worrying about the order.


There you have it – the complete Batman Fear State reading order! As the Dark Knight navigates the terrifying events unfolding in Gotham City, you won’t want to miss a moment of the action.

From the prelude to the main event, and all the tie-ins in between, this reading order will ensure that you get the full picture of Fear State and its impact on Gotham.

So grab your favorite Batman comics, get comfortable, and prepare to face your fears alongside the Caped Crusader!

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