Spider-Verse Quotes That Will Make You Laugh So Hard

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If you’re looking for some quotes from Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, you’ve come to the right place. This movie follows Miles Morales as he learns how to become a fantastic Spider-Man like his interdimensional counterparts.

As he battles against threats and saves his world with the help of other versions of Spider-Man, there’s sure to be plenty of comedy along the way!

Some of the best quotes from Into The Spider-Verse will leave you in stitches.

From Peter Porker’s wisecracks to Gwen Stacy’s deadpan sense of humor, you’ll get a good laugh out of these memorable lines.

Even the hardboiled noir version of Spidey brings some fun one-liners that perfectly capture his period and perspective.

So if you need a good chuckle or two, look no further than Into The Spider-Verse and its fantastic cast of characters!

10 Best Spider-Verse Quotes

1. “It’s Rude To Point.”

“It’s rude to point” is an iconic quote from the Spider-Verse animated finale, ultimately serving as a perfect end to this cinematic masterpiece.

During the post-credit sequence, Miguel O’Hara, better known as Spider-Man 2099, travels back to 1967 and finds himself increasingly arguing with his counterpart.

In an attempt to tell Miguel how rude it is to point, the original Spidey lashes out with these words: “it’s rude to point.”

This act of pointing has quickly become a popular meme for lovers of the Spider-Verse since its release, making it one of the most memorable quotes from the movie. It stands as a reminder not only about respect for those around us but also about having fun and appreciating the little moments that can make our day!

2. “Wherever I Go, The Wind Follows. And The Wind Smells Like Rain.”

Nicolas Cage’s Spider-Man Noir made us all laugh when he said, “Wherever I go, the wind follows. And The Wind smells like rain,” in Into the Spider-Verse.

It was a joke and a good indication of the character’s eccentricity.

When Peter B. noticed an unexpected breeze and asked where it came from in a dark basement, Noir casually suggested that it must have followed him around.

The absurdity of this comment had everyone laughing. Still, it also established Noir as a memorable character with an exciting sense of humor.

With his black-and-white aesthetic and charming personality, Spider-Man Noir makes an unforgettable addition to the movie’s other Spider-people and their delightfully bizarre brand of comedy.

3. “But After Everything, I Still Love Being Spider-Man.”

Spider-Man made Peter B. realize that no amount of business success can compare with the joys and thrills of being a superhero.

Despite his crankiness and sarcasm, he isn’t shy in confessing that taking up the mantle of Spider-Man was one of the best decisions he has ever made.

Those little moments – swinging around town, feeling like you are entirely in control and invincible -make this job worth it for him.

Even after all the challenges and responsibilities associated with being Spider-Man, Peter B. still firmly claims that he’s “the only thing standing between this city and oblivion,” signifying his dedication to the cause.

With words like these, Mad Miles better understands what it means (and how fulfilling it is) to be Spider-Man.

“But after everything, I still love being Spider-Man” is a quote to remember!

4. “You’re The Best Of All Of Us, Miles. You’re On Your Way. Just Keep Going.”

Aaron’s last words to his nephew Miles in Into the Spider-Verse solidified one of the movie’s most powerful messages: You’re capable of amazing things, so keep going.

This quote, “You’re The Best Of All Of Us, Miles. You’re On Your Way. Just Keep Going,” will inspire you to reach greater heights, knowing that even in the face of adversity and tragedy, we can achieve greatness.

It also serves as a reminder of the resilience and determination inherent in each individual–something the entire Spider-Verse stands by.

After Aaron’s death, Miles uses his grief and a newfound sense of responsibility to become New York’s next hero.

It teaches us that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible.

So when it comes down to facing life’s toughest challenges, let Aaron’s words be your motivation.

Believe in yourself, never give up and keep going!

5. “Anyone Can Wear The Mask. You Could Wear The Mask.”

Miles Morales encourages us to remember that anyone can be a hero when he says, “anyone can wear the mask. You could wear the mask.”

His words remind us that we don’t have to have an abundance of super powers or abilities – sometimes all it takes is courage and determination, and everyday people can do heroic things.

This quote serves as a call to action, urging people to step up and protect themselves and others.

Real heroes are often portrayed wearing masks; however, in this situation, the cover symbolizes more than just a superhero’s identity – it conveys the idea that heroism comes from within.

Nobody has to act as someone they’re not to make a difference, and everyone can wear the “mask” of a hero by having the courage and doing something brave to help improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

6. “I Love You, Dad.”

The sixth quote from the Spider-Verse about family will make you laugh hard.

When Jefferson drops Miles off at his new school, he doesn’t let Miles respond to his terms of endearment without getting some reciprocation first.

So, Jeff promptly turns on the megaphone and demands with much enthusiasm for Miles to declare, “I love you, dad!”

This scene is sure to have everyone in stitches – it perfectly encapsulates the fun dynamic between the two characters and highlights Jefferson’s lighthearted personality.

We can all relate to how embarrassed Miles must feel, but at the same time, this father-son moment is incredibly heartwarming. A great reminder of what families mean to each other!

7. “You Don’t Have To Say It Back, Though.”

One of the most iconic quotes from Spider-Verse is when Jeff speaks to Miles about his brother Aaron’s death.

Knowing how he had made mistakes with his brother (and potentially wanting to avoid making the same mistakes with Miles), Jeff goes out of his way to mend fences and repair his relationship with his son.

This moment between them is touching and heartfelt, as Miles hears everything Jeff tells him – even if he can’t respond due to being bound and gagged.

But what makes this scene all the more powerful is Jeff’s words at the end: “You don’t have to say it back, though,” referring to “I love you.”

It’s a heartbreaking callback to the beginning of the film, where we see how much Jeff loves Miles and wants only to make sure he knows how much he means to him.

This phrase simultaneously conveys such emotion yet so much gentle understanding – emphasizing why it’s one of the best quotes from Spider-Verse!

8. “Making You Feel Guilty. Is It Working?”

The eighth quote from Spider-Verse that will leave you laughing hard is “Making You Feel Guilty. Is It Working?” This snippet comes from when Miles tries to enlist Peter B.’s help to save millions of people, and Peter B. starts to walk away, leaving Miles looking crestfallen.

Miles has another plan – he stands in front of the building with his hands on his head. He looks at the older Spider-Man expectantly to make him feel guilty for not helping out.

Whether it’s childish or not, his plan works – Peter B. can’t resist touching guilty and stays back, delighting Miles, who couldn’t be happier that he succeeded!

9. “But In Our Way, We Are Alider-Man. And We’re All Counting On You.”

This is one of Mary Jane’s most inspiring quotes – “But in our way, we are all Spider-Man. And we’re all counting on you.” It was said amidst the mourning public and resonated with many.

Not only did it bring out the heroic qualities of Peter Parker, but it brought forth the idea that anyone can become a hero if they put their minds to it.

The quote inspired Miles Morales to continue being a hero and save New York City.

During his moment of doubt, an onlooker then steps in and jokes that he believes “they’re counting on him” is just a metaphor – lightening what could have been a dour atmosphere.

It shows how powerful words can be – regardless of who you are or where you come from.

Because in our way, we are all Spider-Man – so don’t forget that you have the power to rise and be your hero too!

10. “Aaron, It’s Jeff. Look, I Need You To Call Me If You’ve Heard From Miles.”

Jeff knew he had to set aside his differences with Aaron to determine if his son, Miles, was okay.

So Jeff reached out to Aaron in the form of a quote he left on Aaron’s answering machine. He said, “Aaron, it’s Jeff. Look, I need you to call me if you’ve heard from Miles.”

It was clear how hard it was for him to reach out, yet he pushed through because he wanted desperately to ensure his son was safe.

This quote comes from Spider-Verse and will have you laughing hard at the emotional truth behind its words. It also serves as a reminder of accountability and the importance of family.

What is Spider-Man’s most famous quote?

Spider-Man is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time, and with that comes some famous quotes.

One of the most well-known and often quoted lines from Spider-Man is, “with great power, there must also come great responsibility.”

This line comes from Uncle Ben, who gave Peter Parker his famous wisdom about taking charge and making responsible decisions for others, even if it means sacrificing yourself.

It’s a powerful lesson and a precious reminder to think twice when you have the opportunity to do good.

This quote has become synonymous with being an actual superhero who always thinks before they act and puts others first.

Why is the famous Spider-Man quote “with great power comes great responsibility” often called the Peter Parker principle?

The famous Spider-Man quote, “with great power comes great responsibility,” has come to be known as the Peter Parker principle.

It stemmed from a pivotal moment in Peter’s journey of self-discovery when he realized his inaction’s impact on his beloved Uncle Ben’s life.

Despite being overwhelmed with grief, Peter dedicated himself to using his spider powers to help those in need and uphold justice.

This phrase has become an essential part of Peter/Spider-Man’s ethos, which is why it’s also often referred to as the “Peter Parker Principle.”

This phrase reminds us today that even those with extraordinary abilities must not relinquish their duty of helping others and improving the world.

Why is Peter Parker still so famous?

What makes Peter Parker and the hero Spider-Man so popular is his relatability.

He is a hero who balances strength and power while maintaining a grounded level of street smarts and humility.

Despite the vast array of powerful characters in comic books, people can still relate to Spider-Man as they see themselves in him.

His iconic quotes also appeal to fans everywhere, ranging from quips about his responsibilities to himself as a superhero to hilarious lines.

We can’t help but laugh when we imagine Peter Parker uttering some familiar phrases like “with great power comes great responsibility.”

It reminds us to stay humble no matter what trials life throws us.

Even after many years since his debut, people continue to appreciate Spider-Man and his famous words of wisdom, making him one of the most beloved characters of all time!

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