How Many Spider-Man Movies Has Zendaya Appeared In?

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Zendaya is no stranger to the Spider-Man movie franchise. She first starred in the 2017 action-adventure film, Spider-Man: Homecoming as Michelle (aka ‘MJ’).

Since then, Zendaya has been featured in three Spider-Man movies—Homecoming, Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

In these films, Zendaya brings exuberance and energy to her portrayal of MJ while helping to create unique storylines and thrilling adventures worth watching. It’s no wonder why fans love her character so much!

For an incredible movie experience that features Zendaya in each of these three Spider-Man movies, make sure you check them out soon!

Zendaya’s Spider-Man Movies In Chronological Order

To date, three Spider-Man films featuring Zendaya have been released in chronological order. These films include:

  • Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)
  •  Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)
  •  Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

Are All Of These Films Directed By The Same Person?

The answer is a resounding yes! All of the Marvel Spider-Man films have been directed by Jon Watts, including those featuring Zendaya. This means that all of the latest iterations in this series are cohesively
connected and held together by a talented director.

Jon Watts’ ability to bring Spider-Man’s world to life in such an immersive and captivating way speaks volumes about his mastery of filmmaking. Whether you’re watching Zendaya face her next challenge or Tom Holland admiring yet another humbling victory – you can be sure to trust that Watts has given the movie its best chance at success.

He has given devoted fans an extraordinary gift with these films, adding even more depth and complexity to Peter Parker’s world than ever before – something they’ll always appreciate.

Why Shouldn’t Zendaya’s MJ Appear in Spider-Man 4?

It is no secret that Zendaya’s Michelle Jones-Watson has been a beloved character since her debut in Spider-Man: Homecoming and fans have begged for her return in the next Spider-Man film.

Zendaya in Spider-Man Homecoming
Zendaya in Spider-Man Homecoming-YouTube-Maria

But, with how the trilogy ended, is MJ’s return suitable for the upcoming Spider-Man 4?

While earlier backlash over casting might still stand, producers at Sony want Zendaya to return and rehearse again in her role as MJ. However, keeping Peter Parker and MJ apart a little longer before bringing them back together might be the wiser choice.

If they are soon reunited, it could take away from their tearful goodbye at the end of Far From Home. It’s an essential part of the MCU dynamics that characters come and go throughout all its films; separating Peter and MJ would add another layer of complexity to the story as both characters evolve separately first before crossing paths again in the future.

Their reunion will mean more if given time to establish separate growth instead of reuniting too quickly. So while everyone wants to see Zendaya’s exceptional talent again, it makes sense if she did not appear in Spider-Man 4 but instead returns a movie or two later when new storylines can be established and explored with her presence back as MJ.

Peter Needs to Face the Consequences After No Way Home

Many people are asking which Spider-Man film in the series is the best. It’s tough to decide because there are many great options!
Each movie brings something unique and exciting, from Spider-Man: Homecoming to Spider-Man Far From Home.

In particular, we have to mention Spider-Man: No Way Home. Peter Parker faced his biggest challenge, and the movie had a great narrative arc with thrilling moments. Of course, Zendaya’s performance as MJ was first-rate – her acting elevated this movie much more than other entries in the series.

We must remember to mention Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2, either – it still stands as a fantastic superhero storytelling about how sometimes doing what’s proper means giving up things that we want most, even our dreams and ambitions.

Ultimately, it’s hard to pick which film is definitive “the best,” but hopefully, this article has given you some idea about why each of these films stands out from the rest!

Zendaya Has Already Been in Every MCU Spider-Man Movie

Zendaya has already impacted each of the MCU’s Spider-Man films. She portrays MJ, Peter Parker’s love interest and confidante, who has been a central focus in Far From Home and No Way Home.

MJ hugging Peter Parker/
MJ hugging Peter Parker-YouTube-TopMovieClips

Though both characters are now 17 or 18, it would be interesting if they eventually took different paths in their lives and see how Peter employs his newfound independence in a Spider-Man 4 sequel.

Spider-Man often operated alone in Marvel Comics as an individual hero, though he also received much-needed guidance from friends. If Zendaya does not return for Spider-Man 4, then no one can deny that her absence will be felt by both fans and characters.

Having to grapple with becoming a stronger person on his own is vital for Peter’s growth as a person and superhero, which would be best depicted without MJ but instead through those close to him.

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