4 Secret Dark Batman Comics You Should Read

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These are 4 secret dark Batman comics you will want to read as DC Comics have crafted some genuinely dark depths when writing and drawing these tales with themes of child abuse, sexual assault, drug abuse, and psychosis coming to life on paper.

So, what are the 4 secret dark Batman comics you need to read right now?

  1. Death of the Family.
  2. Batman: Venom.
  3. Tales of the Demon.
  4. Batman: The Cult.

These unforgettable stories may only be for some. Consider yourself warned as these stories take dark turns from bad to worse and are packed with adult-orientated content. Let’s discover in this post why it remains an exciting read all these years later.

What are the best dark batman comics?

1. Death of the Family

Death of the Family is an intense, thrilling crossover event in the DC universe involving Batman and Batgirl during the New 52. It’s not just any crossover either — it marks the grand return of the Joker, who had his face ripped off. This time he’s back with a vengeance and an explosive plan for our heroes.

Death of the Family harkens back to 1988’s controversial Death in the Family storyline, where Joker murdered Jason Todd. Though Red Hood also features this version, its contents differ from its predecessor.

Its sheer tension and excitement and its unsettling visual representation of the villainous Joker’s return make it unique. If you’re looking for a gripping story that will keep you gripped in suspense until the very end, give Death of the Family a try – you won’t regret it!

2. Venom

The graphic novel “Batman: Venom” delves into the dark side of Bruce Wayne as he battles addiction to the super steroid Venom. It is a journey that readers are taken on to explore the depths of Bruce’s turmoil as he struggles to break free from his dependency. While it may not be a light-hearted story, its exploration of Batman’s darkness makes it captivating.

Writer Denis O’Neil paints a vivid portrait of Bruce in an era before Bane gained access to the powerful drug. In that period, we witness Batman pushed to his limits as he fights off its effects. O’Neil does an incredible job of giving readers insight into the inner workings, showing us how his determination never wavers even when faced with enormous obstacles.

3. Tales of the Demon

If you’re a fan of Batman, then you’ll want to check out Tales of the Demon by Dennis O’Neil. This book offers readers a deep dive into the mythology of Ra’s Al Ghul and his curious Lazarus Pits. It is one of the darkest stories in Batman lore as we follow Bruce Wayne exploring his inner darkness and connecting with Ra on a deeper level than ever before.

The art style in this collection takes some getting used to since it follows an older approach that pre-dates Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns comic. But those who delve into it will be rewarded with an intriguing story that explores what it means to be both Batman and Ra’s Al Ghul – two men are torn between their belief systems, yet forever connected by common ancestry.

Be warned: Tales of the Demon is not for the faint of heart!

4. The Cult

If you want to get your hands on one of the most intense and dark Batman comics ever written, look no further than Batman: The Cult. This four-issue story offers a grim look at a cult led by Deacon Blackfire that forces Batman into one of his most challenging experiences yet.

Not only is he put through physical and psychological pressures, but he also finds himself in a horrifying situation where he may have to resort to gunning people down or even killing them. Yet, despite this grim reality, Batman and Bruce Wayne still find the strength and courage to stand against these challenges and fight for justice.

The Cult is evidence of why Batman is popular over any other superhero because no matter how desperate the battle may seem, Batman always emerges victorious – sometimes scarred but never broken. If you’re looking for an intense and thrilling comic series, it doesn’t get any better than The Cult.

Which are some of the must-read Batman comics?

There are a few classics worth mentioning regarding must-read Batman comics. The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One, both from the great Frank Miller, are slam-dunks when you want to dive deep into the lore of Batman.

1. The Dark Knight Returns

It is one of the essential must-read Batman comics. As the story progresses, an aging Bruce Wayne decides to take up the mantle of Batman once again when Gotham City is threatened. This incredible comic culminates in a sensational battle between Bruce Wayne as Batman and Superman.

Fans looking for a classic tale highlighting some impressive superhero showdown will be satisfied with this comic. Those longing for an intense showdown between two iconic heroes needs to look no further for their comic book fix than this comic!

2. Batman: Year One

Batman: Year One is one of the must-read Batman DC comics. Written by Frank Miller and drawn by David Mazzucchelli, this comic book doesn’t just explore Bruce Wayne’s origin story and deepens into corruption in Gotham City.

It’s as close to a prequel to Gotham as we’ll ever get and contains a brilliant story with some of the best artwork in a comic. Not only does it feature Catwoman, one of Batman’s most beloved villains, but it touches upon Gordon’s character, which served as inspiration for Christopher Nolan’s version of the character in Batman Begins.

It’s an incredible read that stands its ground among other classic Batman titles and should be on everyone’s reading list.

If you’re looking to head beyond these classics, then we’d suggest checking out:

3. Batman: The Long Halloween

It follows the Caped Crusader’s attempt to find a new killer in town while also introducing some of Batman’s most iconic villains. This comic series was even credited as an inspiration for Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight movie, giving readers a deeper look into some themes in the film.

The Long Halloween tells a gripping and suspenseful crime story set during Halloween in Gotham City. It focuses on clues to track down the mysterious Holiday Killer that leads Batman on high-stakes investigations throughout his iconic city.

With its dark tone, haunting imagery, and unexpected twists, this comic certainly offers a compelling read for any Batman fan!

4. Gotham Central

Gotham Central is an absolute must-read for any Batman comic fan. This story looks at the officers of GCPD living in Gotham City, overrun with supervillains.

It brings to life a unique world where the cops constantly conflict with dangerous criminals. It was later hugely influential on the hit show Gotham. Gotham Central also offers expert analysis of how Batman deals with unpredictable and powerful villains as his reputation grows more prominent, along with the threats he faces.

With its dramatic narrative tone, deep exploration of morality, and themes of dual identities, you won’t be disappointed in this thrilling comic experience.

5. Batman: The Court of Owls

Batman: The Court of Owls follows Bruce Wayne on a quest to uncover a secret society as old as Gotham that has been conspiring against him.

This thrilling comic put Batman up against crafty adversaries and an enemy more vital than ever, leaving readers stunned and eager to see what lies ahead.

The epic battles will keep you glued to the page and fearlessly rooting for the Dark Knight. With compelling storylines and sharp dialogue, this classic Batman comic promises excitement until its shocking finale.

So put on your cape and cowl, and be prepared to be taken away on an adventure like no other with Batman: The Court of Owls!

When did Batman become dark?

The year was 1939 when Batman first appeared in Detective Comics issue #27. Even from the start of his career, he was a dark character. The story, which had noirish elements of murder and corruption, showed the Death of two characters on the second page.

This marked the beginning of Batman’s journey as a darker version of himself and has shaped him ever since. The embracing of his new darker persona made him a fan favorite over the years and propelled him to mainstream success. As one can see, even 80 years later, Batman is still revered for his dark heroism, making him one of DC comics’ most iconic figures.

Is there a black Batman in the comics?

Absolutely! While Batman: Bad Blood featured an animated version of a black Batman, comic book history tells us that two African American superheroes have taken up the mantle. The first was David Zavimbe, and the second was Lucious Fox.

Both were featured in Batman-related storylines, with Zavimbe appearing in Prime Earth and Fox showing up in Batman: Bad Blood.

Do you know why these heroes became Batman? Well, it’s no surprise that both accepted this dangerous duty to protect their city – just as Bruce Wayne did when he donned the cape and cowl! So while there may not be an official black Batman, two courageous men stepped up to fight crime and protect Gotham.

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