Harley Quinn Comics: From Anti-Hero To Icon!

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Harley Quinn has come a long way from being an anti-hero to a comic book icon. Her smarts, extraordinary fighting skills, and unpredictability have made her one of the most popular villains in the DC Universe.

Fans love her complexity, both in mind and spirit, and are eager to jump into her rich history – no matter if they’re old-school readers or newbies just discovering this iconic character.

Comic book lovers who want to know Harley Quinn better can dive into a wide selection of comics starring the beloved villain turned (kinda) hero.

Take a trip down memory lane as you go through some of her early stories, explore her humorous dynamics with other characters, and get acquainted with her rather unusual pets. Before you know it, you will be on board the Harley train for life!

Harley Quinn Comics

1. Convergence

Convergence is an android mini-series starring the iconic Harley Quinn. Written by Steve Pugh and illustrated by Phil Winslade and John Dell, the series is focused on Harley’s struggles to understand herself after a dome covers Gotham City.

Harley visits a psychiatrist to get better, but her tumultuous journey takes another turn when she is chosen as Gotham’s champion and must go head-to-head against another city’s champion.

In this limited series, Poison Ivy and Catwoman join forces to revive the old Harley, showing fans that despite her chaotic Batman legacy, there is still a human side to her character.

Convergence gives readers an emotional look into Harley’s attempt to maintain her sanity and continue fighting for justice in Gotham City.

2. Gotham City Sirens

Gotham City Sirens is a beloved comic series starring iconic characters Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy.

It all began when Catwoman was gravely injured by her nemesis Hush and had to ask the help of Zatanna to recover. As a result, the trio decided to join forces and protect each other from harm.

This comic is based on the creative minds of Paul Dini and Guillem March, with additional colorwork by Jose Villarrubia.

It was first released by DC in 2009 and has since been an outstanding success for its heartfelt storylines involving Harley’s dysfunctional family dynamics as well as her spending Christmas with the Sirens.

If you’re looking for a heartwarming story full of unique characters, pick up Gotham City Sirens!

3. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are the ultimate dynamic duo in DC Comics.

The limited series, ‘Pushing Daisies,’ released in 2019, brought fans an entirely new look on the beloved Harley Quinn as she ventured off on a wild road trip with none other than Poison Ivy.

Not only is Poison Ivy crucial to Harley’s character development, but also her immunity to intoxicants- so make sure not to miss out on this dynamic pair!

This comic actively highlights Harley’s transition from an anti-hero with villainous nows and outs to a full-fledged hero icon that we know and love today.

It’s a story full of surprises and action, making it worth your time!

4. Vengeance Unlimited

Vengeance Unlimited is an incredible Harley Quinn comic series, the first of its kind.

Authored by the talented Karl Kesel and A.J. Lieberman and with stunning cover art by Carlo Berberi, this collection reveals the multi-faceted character that has made Harley so beloved by fans.

Harley’s complicated nature as a psychiatrist and criminal is explored in this series, making her an anti-heroine that shows a softer side behind her tough exterior.

Her clever humor and wit are balanced perfectly with her unpredictable dangerousness, making her a fan favorite that stands out from the crowd.

Whether you’re already familiar with the original Harley Quinn or just getting started, Vengeance Unlimited is worth checking out for any fan of the character!

5. Harley Quinn In Mad Love

The comic book “The Batman Adventures: Mad Love” was published in 1993 and tells Harley Quinn’s story of love for the Joker.

Despite his consistent mistreatment of her, Harley Quinn still loves her “puddin'” and is determined to prove that she is worthy of his affection.

This leads her to a plan to kill Batman so she can finally get the respect she deserves, but unfortunately, this plan backfires.

This comic gives readers an understanding of Harley Quinn’s plight, and they will undoubtedly sympathize with her due to how the Joker treats her.

Her unwavering devotion will win the hearts of many readers and create fans for life. The lasting legacy of Harley Quinn in Mad Love solidifies her as an anti-hero turned icon.

6. Kicked In The Teeth

One of the best Harley Quinn comics of the New 52 era is ‘Kicked In The Teeth,’ part of the Suicide Squad Volume 4 series.

Written by Adam Glass and featuring cover art by Ryan Benjamin, with lettering provided by Jared K. Fletcher, this issue was published in 2011.

Harley Quinn has a great dynamic when she is part of a team, and her interactions with the squad are genuinely hilarious, providing a look into her past and how she ended up at Belle Reve in the first place.

This comic showcases one of Harley’s many sides – from crazy anti-hero to superhero icon – all set within the larger Suicide Squad story arc, making it an essential must-read for Harley fans.

Kicked In The Teeth is sure to provide plenty of entertainment and insight!

7. Hot In The City

Harley Quinn is back in Hot in the City Volume 2, and she’s trying to get her life together this time.

This comic series, written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, with pencil and ink by Chad Hardin, stars Harley Quinn and shows her facing real-world issues such as taxes, bills, and insurance.

And with no money left in her name, Harley has to find a job – working at an Assisted Living Home or a roller derby league.

It goes even further as Quinn has to deal with assassins too!

This comic explores Harley’s complicated layers further and further as readers learn more about the character.

Hot In The City has proven to be an exciting issue for fans of the iconic anti-hero Harley Quinn and is worth checking out!

8. Criminal Sanity

DC Comics’ Criminal Sanity is an absolute must-read for Harley Quinn fans.

This is a darker take on the classic Harley Quinn character, created by Kami Garcia, Mico Sauayan, and Mike Mayhew from 2019 to 2021.

Harley Quinn takes center stage as she investigates Gotham City’s most complex cases. As her investigation unravels, so does Harley’s mind.

Her intelligence puts us in awe, showing us just how capable the anti-hero can be.

This comic indeed looks into the depths of Harley’s psyche and has mature themes. The plot twists promise to keep you hooked, and readers will love her even more after reading this thrilling series!

9. Batman: Harley Quinn

Batman: Harley Quinn is one of the most iconic and essential reads for Harley Quinn fans and comic readers alike.

The 1999 one-shot was written by Paul Dini, penciled by Yvel Guichet, inked by Aaron Sowd, and colored by Richard Horie and Tanya Horie.

The story follows Harley Quinn’s villainous beginnings, starting with her meeting the Joker in Arkham Asylum.

They hatch a plan to exact revenge on Batman and the Joker, leading her to forgive him for all he’s done to her. This became a game changer for Quinn’s arc, cementing her role as an anti-hero and icon.

This comic is highly recommended for anyone wanting to get acquainted with Harley Quinn’s history or seeking some classic DC stories!

10. Harleen

Harleen is a powerful story that tells the origin of one of DC Comics’ greatest villain-turned-anti-hero, Harley Quinn.

Written by the incredibly talented Stjepan Sejic and with lettering by Gabriela Downie, this comic dives deep into the character’s relationship with The Joker – arguably the most crucial element in her identity.

Through this graphic novel, you will witness how Harley Quinn fell deeper and deeper in love with The Joker and, consequently, became warped into the villain she is today.

While some might be too scared to explore this dark side of our beloved Harley Quinn, fans are sure to be endeared to her after reading Harleen.

This comic shows us why it’s possible for someone so good to become evil – an experience that will bind readers to Harley Quinn forever more!

Is Harley Quinn Marvel Or DC?

The answer is simple: Harley Quinn is a DC Comics character!

While she may have originated in Batman: The Animated Series, all her subsequent incarnations have been within the DC Universe.

This includes comics and significant cinematic releases, such as Birds of Prey and the Suicide Squad movie.

No matter what your flavor is in the world of comic books and characters like Harley Quinn, you can rest assured that she hails from DC Comics.

So now you know: when it comes to this iconic anti-heroine, “DC” definitely stands for “Done Correctly” – when you’re talking about Harley Quinn, at least!

How Many Harley Quinns Are There In The Comics?

Well, it’s more than you’d think! DC Comics has incorporated the concept of the Harlequin character since the late 1500s, but within their cinematic universe, there have been four unique variations lined up.

The oldest variation was presented during the Golden Age comic books and debuted in 1992 with Harleen Quinzel as her first appearance.

Unfortunately, only one of these characters is featured in current continuity – leaving the rest to rarely show up in issues.

Still, DC Comics needs to have fun with this idea! We occasionally see two Harleys simultaneously appear in issues every so often or one kicking a clone into traffic.

Either way, there’s definitely something special about this anti-hero – making her an Icon!

Molly Mayne

Molly Mayne, an iconic Harley Quinn from the comics, is one of the most recognizable villains in the world.

Originally debuting in All-American Comics #89 in 1947 as a seemingly innocent flirtatious woman to Green lantern Alan Scott, she was quickly revealed to be anything but.

After her failed attempt at wooing him, Molly turned to crime and sparked up a supervillain career – much to Alan’s surprise!

Decades later, Alan rediscovers her, and they have an unexpected reunion wherein Molly realizes that she’s been aging while Alan has remained young.

She makes a pact with Neron to regain her youth but soon realizes what she did was a mistake as it unleashed forces upon her far more powerful than any superhero.

Today, Molly Mayne is an inspirational force for many young women who hope to become as brave and daring as Harley Quinn.

Her journey teaches us that even though we may make mistakes along the way, our optimism and ambition should never flag; it may take decades to get there, but perseverance can make all the difference!

Duela Dent

Duela Dent is an enigma wrapped in a mystery. She first appeared in comic books as “The Joker’s Daughter” in Batman Family #6, where she solves the puzzle of Robin’s true identity.

Afterward, Duela joins the Teen Titans but provides no context or explanation regarding her identity.

It has been speculated that she was the daughter of Earth-3’s Joker and his wife Three-Face, but this doesn’t explain how she aged drastically multiple times throughout her comic book run.

It’s clear that Duela Dent holds many secrets, and we may never know who they are until more details about her character are revealed.

For now, the one thing we do know is that Duela is an incredibly fascinating character with plenty of story potential!

Marcie Cooper

Marcie Cooper is one of the Harley Quinn in the comics.

She is actually the granddaughter of Dan Richards, who was one of the many characters to operate as Manhunter.

Marcie followed in her grandfather’s footsteps and eventually joined the Manhunters organization herself.

Marcie then set her sights on destroying Infinity Inc., which she tried to do by dating Obsidian—a diabolical move!

While we read all those comics, we still have no idea what it means to be a Manhunter. Nevertheless, Marcie Cooper is a memorable Harley Quinn character and makes for an exciting topic for discussion amongst comic book fans everywhere.

Harleen Quinzel

Harleen Quinzel is the Harley Quinn we all know and loves from Batman: The Animated Series. She is a complex character who came from an abusive family and entered the psychology field to try and better understand her troubled situation.

She became a vigilante with clown-inspired antiheroic tendencies that would become iconic in the entertainment world.

Today, Harleen Quinzel is still an integral part of DC Comics, making her one of the most stable versions of Harley Quinn—a model built to last!

Where Do I Start With Harley Quinn Comics?

Are you just getting into Harley Quinn comics? You’re in for a great dive into an iconic character’s wild adventures!

To get up to speed on all the essential reads in her comic book history, we’d suggest beginning with Stjepan Sejic’s Harleen and The Batman Adventures Mad Love #1.

Next up is Batman Harley Quinn #1 and the following volumes of Harley Quinn, followed by Gotham City Sirens.

For more of the newer takes on this beloved character, pick up New 52 Harley Quinn vol 1-6 to learn about her Suicide Squad past.

If you like what you read here, check out the Rebirth Run, collected in 3 deluxe books! If you want something more recent, you’ll start reading Solo at issue 43 and continue to 75.

Have fun exploring all this fantastic character has been through over the years!

Which Comic Was Harley Quinn’s First Appearance?

Harley Quinn, the beloved anti-heroine from Batman: The Animated Series, made her first comic book appearance in Batman: Harley Quinn during No Man’s Land.

This graphic novel was pivotal for her development as a character and established her new origin story, which was affected by the events of No Man’s Land.

In this historical comic event, Harley Quinn began to adopt the persona of a villain while no one else stepped up to take responsibility and protect Gotham.

Now considered an icon of DC comics, this powerful and dynamic figure has become indispensable to Batman’s world.

How Old Is Harley Quinn?

Harley Quinn could be 32-33 years old.

Considering her background in gymnastics, one can assume that she graduated high school at eighteen.

From there, she was able to complete her schooling and internships swiftly, especially with her expertise in medicine and as a psychiatrist.

To be hired by the Joker and join him on all of his crazy adventures, though, it’s assumed that Harley had to prove herself trustworthy over five years, bringing her current age into play.

So ultimately, Harley Quinn is 32-33 years old – a testament to how impressive she is for all she has accomplished!

What’s The Best Harley Quinn Comic?

When selecting the best Harley Quinn comic, it is a matter of personal preference. But some titles stand out, and they’ve become fan favorites over the years.

If you were looking for a great Harley Quinn read, then these are some of the titles you should check out:

Harley Quinn, written by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti, Suicide Squad, written by John Ostrander and Kim Yale, Batman: White Knight, by Sean Murphy and finally, Gotham City Sirens, by Paul Dini.

Each of these titles brings something unique to the table regarding the story of Harley Quinn.

From thrilling storylines to intense action sequences, these comics have given readers unforgettable experiences for years.

What Are Some Good Harley Quinn Solo Comics?

Suppose you’re looking for some great Harley Quinn solo comics.

In that case, we highly recommend checking out the Harleen trilogy to better understand how she became the beloved anti-hero that we know today.

The New 52 solo series (Vol. 1 Hot in the City) is a fantastic read as it allows us to observe her in action without other DC characters involved.

You should also check out Vol. 1 Die Laughing first, even though it could be better than its New 52 counterpart.

You can easily find these and other titles through DC Universe or Read Comics Online services.

Harley Quinn is one of the most iconic superheroes, and her solo actions make her even more unique, so dive into them today to fully enjoy all of her greatness!

Final Thoughts

Harley Quinn’s journey from a minor character in Batman: The Animated Series to a pop culture icon has been nothing short of remarkable.

Her complex and often contradictory persona as an anti-hero, villain, and victim has resonated with fans of all ages, genders, and backgrounds.

Whether you’re a die-hard comic book enthusiast or a casual fan of superhero movies, Harley Quinn’s story is a testament to the enduring power of great storytelling and the limitless potential of our favorite fictional characters to capture our hearts and minds.

So, as we look forward to the next chapter in Harley’s comic book adventures, we can’t help but wonder what wild and unpredictable ride she’ll take us on next!

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