Earth 2 DC Comics: Exploring the Parallel Universe of The New 52

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As fans of the DC Universe know, Earth 2 is a parallel universe in the DC multiverse where heroes such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are different from their counterparts in the main DC universe.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the world of Earth 2 in the context of The New 52, a DC Comics relaunch that began in 2011. We’ll take a look at some of the key characters, storylines, and events that make Earth 2 such a fascinating and unique part of the DC Universe.

So if you’re interested in exploring the multiverse and learning more about Earth 2, keep reading!

What is Earth 2 DC?

Earth 2 DC is a parallel universe to our own, where superheroes like The Flash, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman have different backstories and heroic objectives.

This alternate Earth houses the Justice Society of America, a team whose superpowered members protect against evildoers and their evil counterparts.

In the Arrowverse, Earth-2 is acknowledged as the home base of Harrison Wells and his daughter Jesse Quick.

It’s also the birthplace of two infamous speedsters – Zoom and Jay Garrick, an arch-nemesis to Team Flash. At the same time, the latter replicated Barry Allen as The Flash on Earth-1.

Furthermore, versions of Cisco Ramon, Laurel Lance, Caitlin Snow, and Ronnie Raymond flourished in this alternate universe in significant roles.

With the destruction of all other Earth after the “Crisis on Infinite Earth” event, only one remains – Earth-Prime, where we find the surviving Earth-2 Laurel wondering why her counterpart from regular prime Earth no longer exists.

In closing remarks for this crossover event, it was announced that post-crisis, there will be a Stargirl series that takes place on… you guessed it – the restored version of Earth-2!

Who are the main DC comics Earth 2 characters?

The main DC Comics Earth 2 characters are Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. These three characters all resided on Earth-Two within the New 52 comics.

Superman, in particular, was born on Krypton and arrived on Earth near the start of the First World War as a baby.

Batman and Wonder Woman have origin stories in the New 52 that differ from those of their Earth-One counterparts. For example, Batman was still an ordinary person on Earth-Two with no superpowers.

Likewise, Wonder Woman was a human woman granted powers by the gods after she became an Amazon champion.

In addition to these three main characters, numerous other heroes and villains appear in this parallel universe of The New 52, such as Jay Garrick (Flash), Al Pratt (Gamekeeper), Michael Holt (Mr. Terrific), and others.

All these characters provide entertaining storylines in this alternate universe, making it a great comic book series to explore!

What is Earth-1 in the DC universe?

Earth-1 is a primary Earth in the DC universe that was initially used from 1956 until 1986. A few years after its brief retirement, it reappeared in 2006 as part of the new Multiverse of 52 worlds created by DC comics.

During this time, it was simply known as New Earth or Earth 0 and provided an essential connection between the other 51 worlds and the real world of readers.

More recently, this world was renamed Prime Earth to distinguish it from the similarly named Earth Prime.

It is located at the center of this new universe. Its narrative remains distinct since it follows unique stories set in motion through special graphic novel series like Superman: Earth One and Wonder Woman: Earth One.

So, generally speaking, Prime Earth, aka Earth-1, exists independently of all other parallel universes as a significant source for new adventures featuring our favorite superheroes – but it appears to have lost some steam due to its focus solely on vanity projects recently.

Who are the main DC comics Earth 1 characters?

DC Comics Earth 1 character are well-loved icons of pop culture. The two most famous would be Superman and Batman, who have been around for decades, and both possess unique superpowers and a backstory that has evolved in the comics over time.

There is also Wonder Woman, an Amazonian warrior capable of defending the world against danger.

Green Lantern is a part of the Justice League, supplying strength and power to combat any force threatening planet Earth.

The Teen Titans group comprises younger superheroes who fight crime and teach young readers lessons on morality.

Other members include Aquaman, Flash, and Martian Manhunter, each with core values driving their missions through the comics. DC Comics’ universes are constantly changing, updating characters to face the challenges of a new generation.

What is the difference between Earth 1 and 2?

In the DC Comics multiverse, Earth 1 and 2 are two of the most prominent universes. The critical difference between these two worlds lies in their forms; Earth 1 is the home of most of DC’s stories for modern-day readers, while Earth 2 is rooted in the Golden Age of heroics from before the 1950s.

Earth 1 or Earth One is the primary universe for DC Comics stories today, containing characters like Superman and Wonder Woman in their modern-day iterations with science fiction origins. This is also known as Earth Prime or its numerical equivalent, 0.

Meanwhile, Earth 2 contains the original comics versions of superheroes such as Superman and Batman – comic book heroes beginning in the 1930s and 1940s, which largely fell out of favor by the 50s due to western heroes’ popularity.

This universe serves as a reminder of older superhero tales that were once common before being replaced.

At one point, there were said to be more than 99 universes existing at once within the DC Multiverse, making it difficult to track all variants of given characters across storylines due to differences made when introducing new writers who wanted to rewrite origins or power sets.

Limiting this number down to 52 earth during Crisis on Infinite Earth made things more superficial.

Eventually, they led to new stories after that time with The New 52 series, where readers got introduced to retellings of Superman or Wonder Woman’s origin story with fresh perspective fresh perspectives tailored for readers being introduced anew – all taking place within what is known as “Earth One.”

What is the main Earth in DC comics?

DC Comics has had a lot of alternate Earth since the dawn of comic books. However, one main world stands out in the DC Universe: Earth-0.

This is the home of some of DC’s most iconic characters, like Superman and his hometown Metropolis, Batman and the city he protects, Gotham City, and Wonder Woman with her homeland Paradise Island.

This planet is where most of the DC stories occur and has been featured in comics for decades.

Earth-0 is just one part of this Multiverse, though. Many other subplots of Earth have been known as parallel universes, both new and old, throughout the years.

During Marvel’s New 52 event, a wave of alternate worlds was introduced to the public, paving the way for some great story arcs that explored varied futures or timelines differently.

So if you’re a fan of DC Comics, check out all the fantastic tales set on Earth-0 and its different parallel universes. You’ll be sure to find something to enjoy!

In DC, what do I need to know about Earth 2?

Regarding DC Comics, one of the most virtual universes to know about is Earth 2. Initially, this universe was depicted in 1940s comics until the ’60s, featuring the original Superman (first appeared in 1938) and Batman (appeared in 1939).

The heroes even fought in World War II and formed the Justice Society of America.

In the 1960s, most characters were essentially rebooted into a new universe. It was revealed that these two parallel universes co-existed.

The DC earth of the Silver Age (1960s) came to be known as Earth 1, while the Golden Age earth of the 1930s and 1940s was referred to as Earth 2.

Earth 2 has seen a resurgence within recent years with “The New 52”. It features versions of iconic heroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

As you explore this exciting parallel universe, you’ll meet new characters like Alan Scott’s Green Lantern, Jay Garrick’s Flash, Thomas Wayne’s Batman, and more!

What are the most essential points to understanding Earth 2?

Understanding Earth 2 is essential for truly appreciating the DC Comics multiverse.

The most crucial point to understand about Earth 2 is that it is known as a parallel universe, meaning its characters and events mainly exist separate from the mainstream comic book universe but still interact with it regularly.

At the heart of this nation are the Eight Wonders of the World, led by their Ternion comprised of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

This team was a beacon of justice and hope in their world, belying their own methods and teaming up with other alternate versions of iconic DC characters to prevent disaster throughout time and space.

In addition to these Eight Wonders, readers can also look forward to encountering several different versions of classic DC characters, such as an evil new Flash or Shazam, who started out as an enemy before becoming a hero.

Each character presents its unique story, giving fans plenty to explore in terms of parallel universes and other exciting variations within each character’s background.

Altogether, the fascinating world of Earth 2 will keep any fan captivated by its one-of-a-kind setting that continues to grow over time as new threats arise for our beloved heroes.


The Golden Age

The Golden Age of the DC Multiverse is alive and well on Earth-2. It’s a parallel universe in which the earliest heroes have aged but hasn’t lost their spunk.

On this planet exists the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and more iconic characters – each with unique superpowers and stories to tell!

This alternate reality provides everything you’d want from a comic book universe; adventure, excitement, mystery, and more.

The journey of these heroes on Earth-2 will take them on exciting quests where they’ll face dangerous enemies and allies that are just as remarkable as they are.

Fans who love comics and superheroes won’t want to miss out on this world!

World War I

In Earth 2 DC Comics, Goitrude is a military vehicle used in the parallel universe of The New 52. She is used by the soldier Doiby Dickles to travel across war-ravaged lands throughout World War I.

Goitrude has explicitly been designed with both firepower and speed to get troops safely through enemy lines without too much destruction or taking too much damage.

Goitrude is an impressive invention that uses advanced technology to make traversing war-torn battlefields easier for everyone involved.

As warfare during this time was often brutal and costly, it’s not surprising that Doiby Dickles relied on Goitrude to get him out of sticky situations.

Thanks to Goitrude, soldiers could move faster and with greater efficiency, which was essential in sustaining their missions – no matter how dangerous they were.

World War II

World War II was a significant event in Earth Two of the DC Comics universe. After Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, the USA joined the conflict and formed the All-Star Squadron.

In addition, a group known as the Freedom Fighters chose to leave their home planet of Earth-Two and migrate to Earth-X, only for them to be tragically massacred in Pearl Harbor. It’s truly a reminder of the danger and devastation that war holds.

The Multiple crises: Post-crisis, Hypertime, infinite Crisis, Convergence


After the Crisis on Infinite Earths and the death of Earth-Two, DC Comics published The New 52 series to explore the parallel universe created by merging aspects and characters from multiple alternate Earths.

Elements of Earth-One, Earth-Four, Earth-S, and Earth-X were combined in this “New Earth” reality.

This new world restored many non-duplicate heroes from the Justice Society, including Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, and Ted Grant.

However, some characters survived the historical elimination of their home world: Kara Zor-L (known as Power Girl) and Per Degaton.

Interestingly enough, this parallel universe was later designated as “Earth-2” by Alexander Luthor from yet another parallel reality populated by a third version of the Crime Syndicate.

Thus, through Post-Crisis DC Comics, we can keep exploring this fascinating parallel universe created from fragments of multiple universes merged into one – The New 52!


The concept of Hypertime, used in the DC Comics universe, explains the existence of a parallel universe called Earth-Two, where characters from Earth-One experience stories differently.

According to this theory, when certain events occur on alternate Earth or within alternate timelines, they can “bleed over” into our world and create new realities.

An example of this concept was seen in the New 52 series wherein Planet Krypton – a superhero restaurant – featured weapons that included Alan Scott’s power ring, amongst other Green Lantern rings.

Furthermore, an Earth-Two like Superman was shown struggling to break through a barrier around his city.

The idea of Hypertime gives us insight into how some characters experience similar storylines on parallel Earth, and it provides another means for writers to explore alternate story arcs without having to completely retcon existing storylines.

Suppose one version of a given character exists in multiple universes and has experienced different tales. In that case, those stories could be combined and explored further in future publications.

Infinite Crisis

Infinite Crisis was a massive cosmic event that brought great upheaval to the DC multiverse. The event resulted in the recreation of the Pre-Crisis Earth-Two. It brought back Superman and Lois Lane Kent from a paradise-like dimension.

It also saw Alexander Luthor’s return from Earth-Three, who orchestrated his own version of Earth-Two’s resurrection.

This duplicate rendering of Earth-Two was barren and deserted. Still, its appearance soon caught the attention of Wally West and Jay Garrick, who ventured off on an exploration mission to see what lies beyond.

Ultimately, they arrived in this void that once was Earth-Two before the Infinite Crisis.

Power Girl eventually ended up in this realm which seemed like an exact copy of the old world, with its own distinct Power Girl existing within it.

As it turns out, Alexander Luthor had essentially triggered a rebirth of the entire Multiverse, which is why his resurrected version of Earth-Two had its own unique variant of Power Girl character along with Kryptonite that affected New Earth’s Power Girl too.


The events of Convergence have been a significant part of the DC Universe in recent years, with Brainiac, Parallax, and even the Superman of New Earth all playing crucial roles. This has resulted in the restoration of Earth-Two as well as the infinite other Earths to the Multiverse.

It’s incredible how this event changed things drastically and thrust us into a new era where a parallel universe is out there waiting to be explored through DC’s New 52 initiative.

With stories like those found in Earth 2 and other expanded universes available for exploring, fans are sure to find plenty to keep them hooked on these fantastic new worlds!

Who is Earth-2 Superman, and how is he different from regular Superman?

Earth 2 Superman, or Kal-L, is the alternate version of regular Superman from the 1940s. He and regular Superman have enough differences to make them distinct characters.

Kal-L is a little older than regular Superman; he fought in World War 2, has grey in his temples, and his name is Kal-L instead of Kal-El.

Kal-L also has some interesting alternate powers compared to regular Superman; for instance, he could be stronger and more invulnerable than his Earth 1 counterpart.

His origin story has some differences, too – while regular Superman came to Earth on an alien ship containing him (Kal-El), on Earth 2, he was sent by his parents, John and Mary Kent, due to their home planet being destroyed.

He also worked at the Daily Star under George Taylor (who later retired and appointed him editor).

Finally, Supergirl is around on Earth 2 as well. Still, with a bit of a twist: her character’s name is Power Girl, and she arrived much later than her cousin due to an extended rocket trip through space.

All these factors contribute to making Earth 2 Superman genuinely unique when compared to his modern-day regular counterpart from DC Comics New 52.

How did Earth-2 get destroyed?

Earth-2 was destroyed by an anti-matter wave sent by the Anti-Monitor. Oliver Queen had been visiting Earth-2 to retrieve Dwarf Star particles for the Monitor and managed to do so just in time.

The destruction was sudden and unexpected, leaving almost no chance for anyone to escape the catastrophic blast of energy unleashed by the Anti-Monitor. Even Black Siren, who was with Oliver then, barely made it out alive along with him.

This incident demonstrates just how powerful the Anti-Monitor could be and serves as a warning not to underestimate the danger he poses.

What episode does Earth-2 get destroyed?

The destruction of Earth-2 in the Arrowverse occurs in the season 8 premiere episode. In this episode, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) unintentionally causes the destruction and obliteration of Earth-2 while attempting to save his universe.

This event marks the beginning of a new era in the DC Universe, The New 52, which features an alternate universe that had never been explored before.

This dc comics storyline resulted in the complete destruction of Earth-2 and all its inhabitants except for one survivor – Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh). Ray can flee from Earth-2 before it gets destroyed, but his fate afterward is unknown.

Regardless of how Oliver caused this event, it remains a defining moment for viewers due to its magnitude and scale.

All comic book lovers have been taken on a roller coaster ride that will undoubtedly redefine their relationships with fictional universes forever.


Earth 2 DC Comics series has offered a fascinating glimpse into a parallel universe that diverges from the main DC continuity.

The New 52 version of Earth 2 features a fresh take on classic characters like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, as well as introducing new heroes and villains to the mix.

Through its intricate world-building and compelling storytelling, Earth 2 has become a fan favorite, offering readers an alternative universe full of action, drama, and unexpected twists.

Whether you are a longtime fan of DC Comics or a newcomer to the world of superheroes, Earth 2 is definitely worth exploring.

Its unique blend of familiar and unfamiliar elements promises to keep readers engaged and entertained for many issues to come.

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